Christmas Time In Cornwall

Sam Mungai, Columnist •

When I first heard I was going to Cornwall to celebrate Christmas, my first thought was “Brahh, really, why am I going to a visit a place whose name is related to food I eat during Thanksgiving.” As days grew on weeks and weeks grew on to months, I grew curious about this place, I mean, it is a new adventure, and I always love adventures, so I sucked up my attitude, and my negative perceptions and decided to take up the new challenge.

Before I made the maiden voyage to Cornwall, I first had to make a stopover in Geneva, Switzerland to meet up my mother. Then after two days of getting used to European time difference, my mum and I made the maiden voyage to Cornwall. According to our airline ticket, the trip took us an average of 5 hours and 10 minutes, which was not as bad as what I do from tri -cities to Geneva, which is around over 15 hours of travel time.

As we arrived in Cornwall, Newquay regional airport, the night was cold, with heavy fog on every side. My aunty Monica and her husband were waiting for us with heavy anticipation and joy. Once we met up with them, we drove a good 30 minutes before getting to my aunt Nancy’s house, which was situated in the countryside. As joy filled the atmosphere of the Aunty Nancy’s house with the Christmas spirit, I was still at this moment wondered how beautiful this placed looked once sunlit up the hills. After the greetings and emotional barbaric hugs and kisses of joyful emotion, my mum and I processed to the hotel.

The next day, I woke up from my hotel room bed, opened the curtains, and saw the most alluring view you can ever see on that side of the world. The hills and valleys were alive with the sound and rhythm of wondrous beauty. I had never seen such a more organized landscape in my life, each hill coordinating with each other in a symmetrically organized way. Indeed, the hills of Cornwall do live up to their expectation as being one of the most beautiful sights in the world.

As my mum and I proceeded out of the hotel to take the 30-minute walk to my aunt’s house, I realized that although there were picture perfect views, there were no public transport and no nearby shops other than a gas station and few other locally owned shops. The nearest shop was about a 30-minute drive from the area. This slight reality of the place made it a bit harder to enjoy, hence being a city boy, I am used to public transport and the usually nearby shops like H&M. Other than this cosmopolitan disappointment, the local people’s kindness and smiling faces made up for all of that.

As an overall conclusion, my few days stay in Cornwall was a trip like no other, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Cornwall, the culture of the place was just absolutely vibrant. I personally will recommend going there when it is summer rather than winter because during winter the wind speeds at that place gets really crazy. When we went back to the airport, I literally saw roofs torn away from houses due to the high wind speeds.

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