Cafeteria Emergency Phone Under Repair

Peyton Williams, Sports Writer •

This week, workers began an effort to repair the emergency blue light phone in front of the Van Dyke Cafeteria.

The phone, which is new, has been disabled since the beginning of the semester.
Campus Police Officer Jerry O’Dell wants students to not worry.

When asked about why the light was broken, O’Dell said, “The light is not broken, but has not yet been activated.” He said he appreciates the concern that students show about the safety of the campus, but wants them to know that the problem is under control.

The reason many students noticed the problem was because the light had a piece of cardboard and tape covering the center of it, saying, “Does not work.” This sign has now been removed.

O’Dell explained that the piece of cardboard was placed there in order to protect the mechanism until the light pole is ready to be activated.

The campus security team, O’Dell said, is working in compliance with the information technology department to complete the installation and activation process.

While the light has been completed and is in operation, the phone itself is still inaccessible to students.

Other efforts to improve lighting on campus include new lampposts in the center of the main campus, a project begun last week and still in progress.

The SGA has previously passed a resolution calling for better lighting on campus.
O’Dell said he wanted students to know what purpose emergency blue lights throughout campus serve. He said, “The pole is simply used as a mount for a phone, but will also hold a camera.”

He said that this allows the officers to monitor the area surround the Van Dyke Cafeteria, the Ampersand Center, and the duck pond.

O’Dell stressed his appreciation, as well as the appreciation of the other officers, that students and faculty have for Emory & Henry College campus safety.

He said that should students have any concerns they should contact the campus security office.

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