A Long and Dangerous Road: Part 5

Matt Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

The old RV flew down the empty road at an alarmingly fast pace, with the angry police officer not far behind. “What are you doing?” Mariah cried, gripping the driver’s seat for dear life, “I had it under control.” Frank didn’t say anything and instead focused on his getaway. The sirens blared behind them, pushing Frank to go faster as he wanted nothing more than to escape the deafening sounds. The enraged officer in the squad car had already called for backup, but the other vehicles were taking too long to arrive.

The road ahead was a long and straight one with little to no deviation in the cracked pavement, making it hard for Frank to outrun his pursuer. When the getaway driver saw a small dirt road leading off of the main road he knew that was his only chance for escape. Frank cut the wheel as sharp as he could, causing the RV to lift up on two wheels, but succeeded in moving the camper onto the side road.

As the turn was made two things fell to the RV floor. One was the large tarp covered rectangle, which Mariah reacted to like a child had just dropped out of their car seat, and the other was Nick, which no one noticed.

The cop was thrown off by this sudden deviation in course, as he was paying more attention to yelling at the dispatcher about how his backup was taking too long, and cut his wheel too late. The squad car turned off the road but missed the dirt path by a few feet, and before the officer could fix his mistake, the hood of his car was made concave by a large oak tree.

As the lights and the siren from the cop car faded into the distance, Frank began to relax, and his shaking started to calm. Mariah frantically tore off the tarp from the object to check if the object the tarp covered was still in one piece. Nick was still laying on the floor falling in and out of consciousness after being thrown off his feet into the bathroom door and then onto the floor.

Before Nick’s vision went completely dark, he was able to get a good look at what the tarp was concealing. It was a large painting that depicted a twisted figure with wild hair and terrifying eyes with two long hands wrapped around a small helpless figure, which the creature was in the process of devouring. Nick looked at the frightening picture, but before he could process what he was looking at, the pain in his head got the better of him, and he fell unconscious.

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