The State of The Union: Unity or Division?

Peyton Williams, Guest Columnist •

Last night, Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, gave his annual State of the Union speech in front of the U.S. Congress. Trump has done quite a few things to prove naysayers wrong as well as do many things that just add fuel to their fire. After his first year in office, Trump addressed the nation’s current status in this formal speech.

Trump, who made numerous promises during his campaign, has come through with some while yet to fulfill the others. With that being said, the country is just about as divided as it has ever been. As of this week, Donald Trump only has a national approval rating of 38 percent.

As a Republican, I can objectively say that it is very concerning to see and hear about some of the things that Trump says and does. On the other hand, it is also concerning to see the large number of Americans that neglect all of the positive things that he has done for the country. From an economic standpoint, the country is in as good of a position as its been in a very long time. However, due to things that Trump says or tweets in a harsh manner, many people use this as an excuse to disregard everything else he was done.

To go along with the pressure coming nationally, Trump has also faced personal battles of his own regarding his family and former colleagues. Most recently, he has come under fire from a former flame named Stormy Daniels, who allegedly had a near year-long affair with Trump. On top of that, Trump has also had to battle with the harsh response about the sexual remarks he made about women as well as many Americans taking shots at his children and grandson.

During the speech last night, Trump appealed to people of all kinds. His main message was a call for unity; to put politics aside and come together as Americans. He recognized several of our nation’s heroes and told a story of their sacrifices.

A big story of the night was the response of the Democratic party. The leftists, led by Nancy Pelosi, showed great disrespect during much of his speech. At the times when President Trump recognized our veterans, our minority groups, the advancements we’ve made as a country, and even achievements that Democrats yearned for before his election, most of the Democratic party showed no emotion by refusing to stand or clap out of appreciation.

To top the night off, President Trump addressed the problems that Americans face with North Korea. He pulled at everyone’s heart by recognizing a young man named Ji Seong-ho. This young man was recognized for his hard work and for escaping the dictatorship regime being run in North Korea under Kim Jong-un. This was the final message that Trump left Americans with. He concluded his speech by noting that anyone can achieve anything when we work hard and work together.

With all of this being said, Trump seized the opportunity to inform Americans of where the status of the country is and what he plans to change in the upcoming years for the remainder of his presidential term. The speech that he gave last night, as well as the response that he received, will continue to go a long way in determining the unity or division of the U.S. in the future.

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