Pet of the Week

Sierra Howell, Design & Layout Editor •

Willow the pup has become an important part of owner Allison Johnsons’ life within the past year. After coming into in May of 2017, she has grown quite a bit and has made several new friends on campus. Willow in a spunky young pup who likes to go on all sorts of adventures. From baseball games to mountain adventures, Willow is ready to take it all on. Not only has she made many friends, but she also has a whole crew of doggie sitters and dog aunties, as the sisters of Delta Rho Delta have also taken her in, commonly referring to her as “Delta-Dog.”

Willow stays at home in Tazewell, Virginia with her sister Princess Lily Cat, who yes is a cat. Willow also is on her way to becoming Instagram famous, so make sure to go and give her a follow @willow_pup_ .

While Willow will only be turning a year old soon, she still won’t give up on the belly rubs, or the chew toys. So if you see her around campus on the weekends, make sure to give her a pat on the head, and a few scratches of the belly because she really is a people person. Her mom is so proud of her for graduating her puppy classes, and of course celebrating her first Christmas with her new family. Here is to you Willow, keep bringing happiness.

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