E&H Student Sings Harmony with Dolly Parton

Allison Hamilton, Guest Contributor • aphamilton16@ehc.edu

An Emory & Henry student and an alumni will be singing in harmony with Dolly Parton for the 90th Anniversary of the Bristol Sessions in the new album “1927 Jubilee.” The original 1927 Bristol Sessions were recording sessions held in Bristol, Tennessee that established Bristol as “The Birthplace of Country Music.”

According to Middle Fork Records, the album is a compilation of 12 new, original, unreleased songs by artists from Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

In order to commemorate the Bristol Sessions, sound engineer Stephen Shoenecker recruited Emory & Henry sophomore Chloe Coulthard and Emory & Henry alumni April Hill to sing harmonies to Dolly Parton’s song “Something More.”

Hill and Coulthard’s parts were recorded separately and later pieced together with Parton’s recording.

Both women have been heavily influenced by Parton’s music, but Coulthard said, “I’m more influenced by the principles that [Parton] puts forth in her music.”

“I walked into the studio having never heard the song before,” said Coulthard. Her part took about an hour to record and then Shoenecker was ready to piece the song together.

Coulthard started singing in church choir when she was 12 years old and then moved on to sing in All County, All District, and All State Choir in high school.

Coulthard came to Emory & Henry as a vocal education major, but is now planning to minor in music instead. Even though she isn’t pursuing music as a career, Coulthard took the opportunity to accompany Dolly Parton as a way to acknowledge the origins of country music. She said, “It’s so wonderful that [Stephen Shoenecker] has taken an interest in country music and brought the focus back to this area and used so many local artists.”

As of now, not all of the songs on the new “1927 Jubilee” album have been released including Parton’s song “Something More.” The release is scheduled for September 2018 and Coulthard will get to attend the release party at the Bristol Rhythm and Roots music festival in The Birthplace of Country Music Museum.

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