A Long and Dangerous Road: Part 4

Matt Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

“Sorry about this Nick, you seem like a nice guy,” Mariah said tightening the zip tie around Nick’s wrist. “Now when we pull over. You’re going to go into the bathroom and be really quiet, ok?”

“And if you’re not you’ll regret it,” Frank added from the front seat of the RV. He was trying to sound menacing, but there was more fear in his voice than menace.

The siren from the cop car behind them seemed to get getting louder as Frank finally pulled over to talk to the officer. As Frank kept an eye on the officer walking towards the driver side window in his brown uniform, Mariah pushed Nick into the bathroom and shut the door. Nick stood in the dark, cramped room completely unable to move. The captured man knew he could have screamed and at least tried to alert the officer, but something stopped him. Even if he wanted to, Nick’s ability to speak had been taken away from him by the paralyzing power of fear. All he could do was stand completely still and listen to the conversation going on outside.

“Is there a problem officer?” Frank asked with his hands shaking on the leather steering wheel.

The officers noticed Frank’s extremely visible twitch and opened his notepad. “You alright there, son?”

“Yeah… wait, why do you ask… nothing wrong here.”

Frank’s inflection began to match the frantic movement of his hands.

Before the officer could say another word Mariah jumped into view with the friendliest face she could muster. “Is everything ok up here, oh no you’re shaking again! I’m sorry about my brother’s behavior, we got in a car accident last year, and he just hasn’t been the same.”

The officer looked at Mariah’s smiling face. Even though he felt something was off with these two, he didn’t want to bother investigating them. His shift was over in a few hours, and the officer would rather just write a few tickets and go home than spend the rest of the night interrogating these two. “Yeah ok, license and registration please.”

The two kidnappers went pale. They knew that if the cop ran Frank’s license, he would immediately realize they were on the run. Mariah’s plan to talk things out with the cop wasn’t working, but she refused to give up. Just as she was about to say something, Frank slammed on the gas sending the RV flying down the empty road.

The officer stood with mud covering his uniform, confused at what had just transpired. The now rage-filled officer ran to his car in a storm of expletives and took off after the old RV.

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