The End of the Bleeping World

Regan Booth, Columnist •

As the holiday season came to a close, some new Netflix original programs started to pop up. One that I just recently finished was dark, funny and honestly something unique from most other shows I have ever seen.

“The End of the F***ing World” is a tale about two runaway English adolescents that bring together dark comedic aspects of the story while still including bitter-sweet coming of age motifs.

Despite how weird and dark the situations that these two characters get into, it is hard not to continue to root for them. Even at the end, when they had run out of options, it was hard for me to even think about them not succeeding.

This show starts off with two high school aged kids, a boy and a girl, both from dull upbringings. The girl’s name is Alyssa and her Mother married a lame-o guy who seems to just mentally barade her. While James starts off by saying that he thinks he is a psychopath, his flashbacks from his life slowly reveal that his Mother killed herself in front of him, and he made himself numb in order to cope.

The pair run off together, and while James initially wanted to murder Alyssa (still thinking he was a psychopath) he ends up finding out what it means to really feel a connection with another person.

Inner monologues are what mainly narrate the story, going back and forth between Alyssa and James. This is what was my favorite part of the entire show, it made me want everything in my life to be narrated in Alyssa’s voice. While watching these two kids get into horrible criminal acts, this show seemed to be a testament to finding oneself, as well as even finding love.

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