Soul Food

Melody Lipford, Columnist •

A new year has begun along with a new semester of classes, schedules, responsibilities, and more. As exciting as all of this is, I would encourage you to find time solely as an individual or with friends to recharge from all of the hectic schedules that pull each of us in so many directions.

While it is wonderful to serve those around you, it is also vital to incorporate self-care into the equation. Whether this means to check your email less frequently, limiting time on social media, taking up fewer projects, weeding out certain areas in your life taking up unnecessary time, or even turning off your phone. Sometimes it takes small changes to lead to lasting, sustainable habits. Creating a habit to spend more time in the present, natural surroundings, with those around you, or even just yourself can be groundbreaking for taking back control of your self-care. Usually, you don’t notice the need for a change in your daily routine till you make it.

College is a juggling game of delegating time for classes, studying, volunteering, work, sports,clubs/organizations, and personal time whether that be with friends, family, or alone. No wonder many of us walk around with heavy shoulders anxious about all of our obligations. We continue to do so without even asking ourselves the last time we had fun or took care of ourselves. This habit while seeming normal, can also be destructive.

Being busy and productive in college are two qualities that are great to have, but not when they outbalance your time to rest, recharge, refill, and to simply just be. Completing a to-do list, checking off tasks here and there, are beneficial, but don’t create overall happiness in the long run.

Personally, I’ve learned that taking care of myself is something that I need to add to my obligations list. You can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s okay to take time to refill. Your happiness matters. Overall, it’s okay to make yourself a priority. In the end, if you don’t, who will?

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