Pet of the Week

Hannah Long, News Editor •

Sir Ernest Shackleton is a very adventurous cat, a fact impressed upon my brother when he found the young Sir Ernest at a shelter.

At the time, the noble kitten liked to climb onto the top of my brother’s head, there to survey the world, which prompted my brother, a history buff, to christen him Sir Ernest Shackleton, in honor of the great Antarctic explorer.

One example of his great feats is the time that, as a kitten, he went on a chilly adventure in our kitchen. After hearing his plaintive cries for a right time, verily, my mother opened the door of the refrigerator and lo, there was Ernest on the top shelf, apparently searching for the cheap Heineken beer we use for soup sometimes.

Ernest’s taste for adventure has waned over time, but he still enjoys climbing onto the counter when he knows he’s not allowed, divebombing Sophie – his fellow feline inmate, and ripping to shreds any dangling thread of fabric he can get his surprisingly sharp claws on.

His hobbies also include snuggling, jumping onto my dad’s bed in the middle of the night in an attempt to snuggle despite the fact my dad hates cats, and wearing trendy fezzes.

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