A Long and Dangerous Road Part 3

Matthew Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

At first Nick enjoyed the new companions he had on his road trip, but as time past a tense silence fell over the camper’s occupants. Nick would discreetly look back at his passengers more often than he would look at the road hoping to come up with some sort of small talk to break the tension.

Unfortunately every time Nick took his eyes off the empty road his mind would be blank and he would just be faced with the same scene his passengers had been in since they agreed to travel with him. Mariah would be looking out the window as if searching for something while playing with the curled ends of her hair. In contrast to Mariah’s constant looking around, Frank stared straight down and the tarp-covered object that both Frank and Mariah had a hand on.

Nick always tried to see the best in people no matter the situation. Even when he was bullied in school he would never hold a grudge against his tormentors, he would instead justify their actions to himself by saying, “They probably have a bad home life and just need a hug”. To Nick, there was no such thing as a bad neighborhood, he would walk anywhere with no fear because he knew that people are good deep down, and if he showed them kindness he would receive the same kindness in turn. Most people who hear of Nick’s philosophy make the logical assumption that Nick gets taken advantage of because of his kindness. The complete opposite was true, most people who would normally take advantage of someone so optimistic would instead be put off by his positivity to the point where they feared him in a way.

When Nick went to purchase his RV, the salesman, Mr. Garvy, attempted to persuade him into buying an old rusted camper that only had one working tire, the rest were just spares. Nick listened to the pitch intently while attempting to tell Garvy, in the nicest way possible, that he wasn’t interested. This went on for over an hour, shocking Mr. Garvey that someone could listen to him pitch for that long without becoming enraged at his tenacity. For the first time in his career, Garvey actually felt bad about trying to sell a Junker car to someone as nice and polite as Nick. The salesman actually apologized to Nick for wasting his time and proceeded to sell Nick the best RV the lot had at a reduced price.

Even though Nick always saw the good in people, he still found himself a bit nervous about the two strangers sitting behind him. He had never picked up a hitchhiker before and was beginning to wonder if he shouldn’t have brushed off the warning Jess gave about hitchhikers. So when Nick saw a cop car flashing their lights behind him, he felt a bit safer, much to his shame. As the RV began slowing down to pull over Nick felt the large hand of Frank gripped tightly around his shoulder. “You really shouldn’t do that.” Frank said while a pointing his jacket pocket towards Nick.


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