Interest Programs Recruiting

Jessica Branks, News Editor •

On Saturday, January 13, Emory & Henry hosted a recruitment day for the disc golf, men’s rugby, and outdoor adventure teams.

These teams are recent additions to the college’s growing collection of affinity bonding programs, meant to help strengthen student bonds through shared interests, and foster commitment to the teams that they join.

Other interest groups include the marching band, the S.T.E.M. cohort, and the church leadership fellows. The school now offers four-year renewable scholarships to incoming freshmen who become members of these groups.

The Adventure Team saw the biggest turnout with as many as 10 potential students in attendance.

During the open-house style event, the students were given a tour of the campus and were introduced to all of the outdoor opportunities in the surrounding area. There are currently 10 student members of the adventure team. Sophomore Chloe Yates, a current member of the adventure team, said, “The commitment level for the Adventure Team has been amped up and there are now opportunities almost every day for members to increase their skill level.”

The rugby team saw four prospective students show up for the day.

The visiting students had lunch with some of the current team members and then ran through a practice with the full team. The students were well-received by the rest of the team.

This event was not the only one of its kind for prospective students looking to join an interest program.

The Middle Appalachian High School Media Association (MAHSMA) is another bonding program that is new to the school.

In February, MAHSMA will be hosting a competition for high school students, accompanied by panels on interviewing sources, how to determine between fact and opinion, and technology in the Mass Communications field.

It is too soon to tell how these programs and their newly awarded scholarships will affect the college’s retention rate.

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