Taking a Look at the Past Century of NASA

Christina Mitchell, Business Manager • cbmitchell16@ehc.edu

A century is a long time to be around, no matter who or what you’re talking about. There’s a certain level of respect that a century demands that isn’t like fifty or seventy-five years. For NASA, specifically the NASA Langley Research Center that celebrated it’s centennial this year, that respect is greater still.

Langley has been at the forefront of so many great
scientific and technological advancements over the past century that it is incredible to think about. The NASA Langley Research Center was formed under the organization NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) which was created in 1915 and would later become NASA in July of 1958.

The NASA Langley Research Center has been at the forefront of both of these organizations, developing cutting-edge technology that has heavily influenced so many things from modern day airplanes to developing
the space program, training astronauts until the space program was moved primarily to Houston, and even invented kevlar.

NASA has been around for fifty years as of 2018, but so many people fail to recognize that NASA was only founded at the beginning of the space program. Langley was hard at work long before then and made the space program possible. Langley developed most aspects of the shuttles that were used from beginning to end of the shuttle program in conjunction with other NASA facilities.

With the centennial this year NASA Langley has gotten a lot of publicity, and even opened its doors to the public for one day, a rare and very exciting event. The motto that NASA Langley has chosen to represent this celebration is “A storied legacy. A soaring future.”

Even with so many looks into the past of NASA and all of the achievements that have done so much to drive progress with things like the space program, Hubble
telescope, and the international space station that have fostered some tension in the global community at first but now encourage such strong global community and participation that are truly incredible, NASA has encouraged all of us to imagine the future and to dream of what it might become.

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