Pet of the Week

Christina Mitchell, Business Manager •

Christina Mitchell


This sweet boy is Trip, named after a Star Trek character. While he falls a little short on his namesake’s sense of adventure he never falls short on wanting to snuggle up. His favorite things in the world are snuggle time (he just can’t get enough), sleep, and food, in that order.

Trip is a very sweet cat but he’s not the sharpest crayon in the box. He sincerely believes that he is a dog, he has every detail down from trying to bark to rolling over for belly rubs to going out on walks with a harness and leash every day. But don’t worry, if you forget the harness he still walks right with the other dogs.

Trip is definitely a mamma’s boy, so much that if I leave on vacation for a few days without him or miss out on his snuggle time he gets anxiety induced asthma attacks.

Ultimately, he is my sweet baby boy, whether he is more cat or dog (definitely dog) I love him anyway. And I know he loves me too, as I write this he is laying on the couch in my apartment with me petting my face with his tail.

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