Naff Shines in Wasps Losses

Will Seidel, Sports Editor •

The Men’s swimming team competed in their very first dual meet against Bridgewater on November 10. The outcome was not what the Wasps had hoped for, as they fell 111-40. The leading swimmer for the men’s was sophomore Wilson Naff, who had three individual wins. Naff won the 200-free to win by more than 22 seconds, finishing with a time 2:11.20. Naff then competed in the 100-butterfly and dominated with a time of 1:05.84, beating the competition by almost 14 seconds. Naff then finished his last race by winning the 100-backstroke by over 27 seconds, finishing at 1:05.84. Sophomore Evan Prillhart finished third in the 100-meter breaststroke and freshman George Jones also finished third in the 50-meter freestyle.

The men’s swimming team had no time to rest, as they were back in action on November 11 against Greensboro, losing by the final score of 94-35. Naff led the way again for the Wasps, as he finished with a first place in the 100-meter backstroke, beating his competition again by double digits with 11 seconds, with a score of 1:05.04. Naff would finish runner up in the 200-meter individual meter by a score of 2:24.21. Sophomore Nick Barr competed in two races and came out runner up in both as finished with 31.07 in the 50-meter freestyle and timed out at 1:12.51 in the 100-meter freestyle. Jones would finish third in both his races. In the 200-meter freestyle relay, this was raced by Naff, Jones, Barr, and Prillhart, finished second overall with a time of 2:06.28.

In the first meet, nerves can run high. They did for sophomore Nick Barr, as he spoke about how he felt during the first meet. “I was really nervous for the first swim meet, but also excited that I was going to be a part of it.”

Once the meets were over, Barr knew a lot work needs to be done. As for the first year, one of the main focuses for Barr is setting the foundation. “I think the team has done an amazing thing and that is to make a good atmosphere for the men’s team to grow on. “ Barr continued, “I think everyone on the team did a great job because each swimmer gave it everything they got. And we have the women’s team to thank for that, which has really set the tone for swimming at E&H.” The Wasps next event will be a four-way event at Hollins University

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