Mungai’s Outdoor Retreat

Sam Mungai, Columnist •

On Saturday, November 11, 2017, the Emory & Henry college outdoor program took a bunch of avid thrill-seeking hikers for an overnight camping trip in Garson highlands national park to camp with the wild ponies.

To be 100% honest, although am used to doing high-level camping in various places in the United States and world, never have I thought will I be sleeping with a wild flipping horse, that to me in its entirety sounded extremely crazy, but as a brave man, I took up the challenge. The hiking group, consisted of two highly experienced student trip leaders, four boys and three brave boys.

On the Saturday of the trip, it was raining on and off, at the point of departure (the outdoor center), we had to distribute out the tent and various food supplies among everyone in the group. Everyone had their fair share of stuff to carry in their backpacks. After the distribution
of tents and other supplies, we got a briefing from out two student trip leaders. The briefing mainly consisted of the important information we needed to know about the night ahead.

After the briefing, we packed the van and off we went for the most memorable few days of our lives. The ride was quite enjoyable, because everyone was getting to know themselves. To be honest, the most part of the ride I was asleep, due to the fact I was so tired from playing video games the night before in my friend’s room.

After about an hour, we got to the starting point of the hike in Grayson Highlands. We unpacked the van, got some final words of wisdom from our trip leaders and then off we went.

To give an overall summery of the first couple of hours hiking I would say this, it was the most amazing experience of my time here in America, this is because, as a group we really got to bond and really got to know each other and yes, although it was so foggy to the point we
couldn’t see anything, the fact we were able to hike so far under a short period of time was just absolutely achieving.

After a couple more hours of hiking, we finally arrived at our camping spot where we made camp and had an onsite meeting. After the briefing, as a group, we all decided to go and see if can catch some wild ponies. However due to the heavy fog and low visibility, we were unable to catch sight of any, so in a last-ditch effort, we all decided to go back to camp to make some dinner.

The night’s dinner consisted of macaroni and cheese, with chicken, onion, green peppers and pesto. To say the truth, I found the dinner to be very delicious, I never thought dinner could be so good out in the wild. But wait, the best was yet to come, that same evening, we made some deep chocolate chip brownies, and to tell you the truth, that as like heaven on a bit, there were just so good. After dinner, we all cleaned up and hit the hay sack because we had a long day ahead tomorrow.

The next day, we all woke up to the most alluring sun rise, we had ever seen in this part of west Virginia, the warm radiance of the sun and the nice red sky made the sight more spectacular. Once everyone was up, we had a heart breakfast consisting of beacon, eggs and bagels.

After that, we packed up and set off back to the van, for the return back to good old Emory, where a mountain of homework was awaiting.

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