Jones Ready to Lead

Cameron Derr, Sports Writer •

Senior swimmer Kelsey Jones has just began her last swim season at Emory & Henry. During her time here she has finished fourth in the 200-yard breaststroke and fifth in the 100-yard breaststroke at the 2015 ODAC Championships. Jones has also been a finalist in the 400-yard individual medley, she was named to the All-ODAC Second Team, and names an Ironclad Wasp.

Jones love for swimming has been a part of her for as long as she could remember, “I would love when we would go to the beach, I just loved being in the water, so one day I asked my mom if I could join the swim team so I could be in the water a lot and be around it, and it’s just gone from there”, says Jones. Since beginning her swim career around eight years old, Kelsey has found the most motivation comes from her parents, “they’ve always wanted the best for me, and told me to go for what I want and to always give 100% no matter what because they know the value of working hard to get to where you want to be so they’ve preached that to me, and I think that has helped me stay with swimming and especially through college.”

Injuries in athletics are inevitable, for Kelsey hers came at the end of her freshman year. Jones began to feel
a pain in her back, she had an MRI done and it was concluded that she had been suffering from a bulging L5 disk. “Once we figured out what it was I began physical therapy and some stretching for it, the main thing I had to do was know when to stop and when to rest it, and make sure that I wasn’t pushing through when it wasn’t necessary” says Jones.

As Kelsey is reaching the end of her swim career as a Wasp, she has left a piece of advice for the swimmers of the future, “ Make the most of your time here, I will admit there are some times that maybe I didn’t try as hard as I should have and I do definitely regret that, take these four years to give it all you have and when you don’t think you can push anymore, you can you just have to find it within yourself.”

Kelsey and the rest of the Women’s Swim team will travel to Washington and Lee for the Winter Invitational on December 2nd for Day one of the event

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