E&H Football: Season Recap

Andrew McClung, Sports Editor • ajmcclung15@ehc.edu

Disappointing, frustrating, these are just some words that can describe the season that Emory & Henry just had with football.

Pre-season Old Dominion Athletic Conference favorites, the Wasps seemed poised to have one of their best seasons in recent memories. A squad that returned 20 of 24 starters on both sides of the ball and special teams, it seemed as though nothing could go wrong for this team.

Well everything that could go wrong went wrong for this team. It all started game one for the Wasps losing one of the craziest football games ever. The Wasps were up 8-6, with 1:20 left in the game, Ferrum had no timeouts. All Emory & Henry had to do, was kneel the football two times and they would win the game. Instead the Wasps ran the ball one more time and fumbled it. Ferrum then scored within two plays, to steal the victory from the Wasps.

E&H would then win their next game against Brevard College, a game that the Wasps were favored by very much in. The Wasps then split two back and forth games between Maryville and Washington & Lee. The Wasps fell against Maryville but picked up a last second win against the eventual ODAC champions W&L. At the point in the season, things seemed high for the Wasps who were 2-2 but 1-0 in the conference.

That is when things ended up flustering for the Wasps. E&H would then lose four straight games, holding an overall record of 2-6, while being 1-4 in conference. A win over non-conference Apprentice bumped the Wasps record up to 3-6 with only one game remaining. However the Wasps fell in their season finale on the road at Guilford, losing 42-38. This put E&H’s final record at 3-7 to finish the 2017 campaign.

In my personal opinion there were many factors in why things happened the way they did this season. Number one is that I believe one loss affected the entire season for E&H. Losing that first game to Ferrum really put the Wasps in a bad place, losing the way that they did. Losing a game like that can just take so much out of an opponent.

Finally number two is the the quarterbback position. The Wasps never found a true starting quarterback on the season. With all this being said, many things could have effected this season and changed things but it is what it is.

The Wasps struggled and will need to take a look back at their team and hopefully rebuild and prepare for next season

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