Duck Pond Project in Limbo

Desmond Perry, News Writer •


Courtesy of Mark Graham

E&H’s plans to renovate the duck pond may have hit a roadblock, says executive assistant to the president, Mark Graham.

The original plans were to have the renovations done by Ampersand Day, but delays in acquiring the appropriate permits could delay the renovations until the spring.

Graham explained that the delay is due to Washington County requiring Emory & Henry to go through the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), a major federal agency under the Department of Defense. The USACE would investigate the area to make sure that the stream is not being damaged or interfered with in the renovation project.

Graham mentioned that the Van Dyke project and the duck pond project was one big plan itself. “We had hoped that the these guys [construction workers] could have moved straight across the road from the Van Dyke Plaza project which Sodexo is paying for. However the county is saying ‘no, now you have to get a letter from the USACE’ so all the permitting has taken longer than we expected,” Graham said.

The reason for the renovation is the deteriorating wall surrounding the duck pond, according to Graham. He explained that the wall was built on top of rail road ties that have rotted over time.

The plan is to build it back up with concrete walls topped with brick.

The college plans to add a gazebo, a bridge and a memorial that are all handicap accessible. Graham and the Advancement team plans to make another walkway on the opposite side of the duck pond to make traveling easier for students who live in the Village. Graham indicated that most of the funding for the duck pond has been paid for through donors and the school. Alumni donors like Sid Smith, Paul Hubble (who donated in memory of his deceased wife Jean Hubble) and Gary and Cindy Reedy will be honored by having their names engraved on certain sites located at the duck pond due to their donations.

Graham said that the Advancement team is now waiting to see when the permit from the USACE will come in. “If we will not get a permit until January we will probably tell them [the construction team] to wait and start in the spring,” he said. The timing of the permit will determine whether the duck pond remains drained or will be refi lled for the winter, until construction can begin in the spring.

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