A Long and Dangerous Road: Part 1

Matt Brosche, Columnist • mbrosche14@ehc.edu

“Looks like I got everything now” Nick said massaging his hands after moving boxes all day. “Thanks again for the help Jess.”

“No problem, but do you really need all these supplies and a huge RV just for one person.”

“I like to be prepared” Nick said shrugging. “ Plus I might pick up a couple hitchhikers while I’m on the road.”

Jess chuckled before her expression turned serious, as if what she was about to tell him could save his life. “Be careful with around hitchhikers, ok? I know you like to help people but you could get hurt.”

“You worry too much. Not everyone walking down the road at night is a serial killer, just most of them.” Nick laughed throwing off her concern.

Jess decided that being serious with Nick wasn’t getting her anywhere. “Well I tried, when you die to a crazy hitchhiker I’ll let your family know I tried to warn you.”

“I’m sure they’ll appreciate that.” Nick send leaning back in the driver seat of the RV and putting his long legs on the dashboard. Jess started playing with her red hair, something she often did when she wasn’t sure what to say next.

“So, do you know where your going first?” Jess asked finally finding something to say.

“Nope.” Nick said with a certain pride in his voice. “I’m just going to pick a direction and go.”

“Any direction in mind?”

“Like I said, just picking a random direction and going.”

“Fair enough.” Jess said never being able to fully understand Nick’s ability to do things without thinking them through.

“My parents said I could take a year off before deciding if I want to go grad school or just get a job. I’m taking that year to broaden my horizons by traveling the country.” Nick said defensively feeling the sudden need to
justify himself. “Anyway, what are you up to lately?” he said returning to his jovial personality.

“I’m going to be working at my Dad’s office. It’s just a basic assistant job but it’s a good starting point for me.”

Nick was silent for a moment; desperately searching his brain for what Jess’ Dad did for work. He couldn’t remember, he couldn’t even remember what Jess’ major was in college.

“It’s a Law office, my Dads a defense attorney.” Jess said noticing Nick’s look of panic and guilt.


“It’s alright.” Jess said.

She wasn’t offended as Nick was often forgetful, the first few times Jess and Nick met he would always have to ask her name. Even back then she didn’t get mad because of how apologetic Nick was.

“So when are you leaving?”

“First thing tomorrow.”

“Well be sure to send me a post card form wherever you end up.” Jess said as she left Nick in the RV built for a family of four.

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