Spilled “T” of the Makeup Queens: Who is Mario Badescu?

Katie Gregory, Columnist • kagregory16@ehc.edu

Mario Badescu…. Now if you love skin care and makeup, then you may have ran across this name. Not only is it a name, but it’s a brand. In 1967, Mario Badescu a native Romanian was living in a small apartment in New York. This brilliant man brought European facials to America. His products are absolutely amazing. They use natural ingredients and are cruelty free! 50 years later this brand is still amazing customers.

A good portion of his products use aloe vera, green tea, cucumber, rose water, and vitamin E, among other natural products. All of these things help keep your skin looking healthy and give it a natural shine. One of his more popular products is his Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rose Water. It can be used for setting spray, toner, and even just to lightly moisturize your face throughout the day.

It is personally one of my favorite products in my makeup bag. It keeps my skin soft and refreshed, evens my skintone, and prevents breakouts. It’s basically miracle spray!

The best part about all of this is that it’s totally affordable! Most products of this value are sold at ridiculous prices where it feels like you have to take out a small loan to afford your favorite products, but with this product, the biggest bottle (8oz.) is only $12. The small bottle (4oz.) that only costs $5 lasted me almost two months! I use it daily and multiple times throughout my day. Another bonus is the captivating smell. The smell of the rose water enhances the refreshed feeling.

There are many other products that carry Mario Badescu’s name that are just as affordable. Like I said, this is basically miracle water in a spray bottle, don’t believe me then check it out for yourself!

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