Schitt’s Creek: A Comedy to Go on Without a Paddle

Regan Booth, Columnist •


Courtesy of Schitt’s Creek official Facebook page

Netflix has just recently released their original series Mindhunter which personally, is just what I needed. In this show, it tells the tale of a young FBI agent who is starting on researching how killers act, in order to profile ones for the future.

This is from the point of the FBI agents, and while there are pictures shown of the murderous acts it does not depict the murders as they
happen. The point of view that is portrayed is something that I think does not get across very well too often anymore. In the typical crime shows of today, they tend to focus mainly on the violent aspects of the stories being portrayed, which takes away from the bigger picture.

I enjoy how this show truly depicts the story line of the detectives, who are studying things in a way that has not ever been done before. The violence, while described, is important to what is going on, but is a part of some bigger aspect which the show makes clear.

Overall, the mood and tone of the show is dark and gloomy, which adds to the suspense in an interesting way, keeping it interesting without being too cliche. While stories of serial killers have always been big in movies and television, this show tells the story of how psychology helped figure out a system to understand these killers better. From the learning perspective of the agents, it is like the audience is learning with the agents, making the suspense even stronger.

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