Pet of the Week: Speed-Dating Edition

Sierra Howell, Design & Layout Editor •


Sierra Howell

Lilly Grace is a small, white malti-poo in search of love. She likes long walks down the street, bacon-covered snacks, pumpkin (because she is basic) and warm snuggles on the sofa while watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Don’t judge her–we all watch them and hope for love.

Lilly does not like dog food because she is better than that. She loves to chase birds, specifically cardinals. She does not like loud noises because they scare her. I mean, can you blame her? Oh, and if you’re cold-hearted, get out of town because she hates all things that are cold. Lilly loves to be dressed up in small costumes, and she has an ensemble for every occasion–yes, like the girl in 27 Dresses.

She is quite the attention snob; however, she has many tricks up her ruffled sleeves including: sit, stay, lay down, beg, jump, high five, and bump it. So, if your furry friend is searching for a love in a soap-less place, Lilly is the one for her because she also hates baths.

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