Equestrian Program Launches New Breeding Initiative

Desmond Perry, News Writer • dperry13@ehc.edu


Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Emory & Henry’s latest mare, Zadau, is on track to have a baby this upcoming summer. Emory & Henry Equestrian Coach Heather Richardson-McCloud is in charge of the mare and informed us that a mare is usually pregnant for 11 months, occasionally longer. She explained that Zadau is expected to give birth in the summer of 2018.

The Emory & Henry Equestrian program is expected to have a beautiful foal because of its father’s popularity winning “Hunter Breeding
Stallion of the Year,” according to hanoverian.com. The father is a chestnut Hanoverian Stallion from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whose DNA was shipped to Emory & Henry around July. Richardson-McCloud expects the baby to be chestnut with white feet and a “cute face,” she stated.

The Hanoverian breed is known for its athletic ability. It is likely that the foal will excel in the Hunter/Jumper discipline once it has matured.

Richardson-McCloud went on to speak about the process of breeding and registering horses saying “it can get really expensive and dramatic.” She added that the newly bred foal could probably be used in the training program to begin with and possibly shows later on when it matures.

Richardson-McCloud also mentioned the extensive care that is needed to care for pregnant mares and the intensive care that newborn foals often need to receive. Referring to the mare’s pregnancy she stated, “they get pretty miserable the last three months. They are very, very lethargic.” Richardson has years of experience with breeding horses as she has her own farm and has multiple foals each year.

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