E&H Welcomes First Color Guard Coach

Emily Bunn, News Writer • egbunn17@ehc.edu


Courtesy of Emory & Henry Color Guard Facebook page

Jamie Harper is the new Color Guard and Winter Guard Instructor at Emory & Henry College. A native of Kingsport, Tennessee, Harper said that she had a natural draw to E&H as soon as she stepped foot on the campus. “It’s like when you know you are where you are supposed to be. I just felt like I belonged here,” Harper said.

Harper is overflowing with passion about spinning rifles and twirling flags and has a whole group of guard girls behind her. Harper said that when she gets up in the morning she gets to come to work. “I enjoy what I do and for me it isn’t a ‘have to do it.’ It is ‘I get to do it.’ I get to come to work every day and do something I am so passionate about,” said Harper.

One of her favorite things about E&H is the overwhelming support she has received from the staff and band program for the developing of the guard in its’ early beginnings. Another major thing for Harper was how she views the college. She says, “the college is one big umbrella and underneath that big umbrella, there are several individual umbrellas such as Marching Band, Greek Life, and many other things that the students of Emory & Henry can join and be a part of to make their experience not solely based on academics. Now there is a blossoming Guard umbrella underneath the Marching Band umbrella and it is getting bigger and bigger every day.”

Harper spoke to the high quality of kindness that was shown to her when she arrived. “Everywhere I go, there is always a smiling face,” says Harper. Jamie also speaks of the college marching band program by saying, “the level of creative freedom that I am given in this program is hard to come by in my field.” Harper also says that the college “helps you get there.” She says that they want you to succeed and that they will do almost anything in their power to help you get there.

Harper says that the guard is hosting a “Spin and Twirl” event, in which high school guard members will get the opportunity to “come and see what we are all about.” The event will be publicized more in the future. Harper hopes to grow the guard throughout the future, but is starting new traditions of family, friendship, and much more than just guard. She is excited about what the future holds for the guard and wants everyone to continue supporting the marching band and guard.

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