Village Software Update Locks Out Students

Desmond Perry, News Writer •

On Wednesday, Oct. 25, a software update occurred in Emory & Henry dormitories, which caused disruption in a few Village dorms. Junior Hailey Ellis, a student who lives in the village stated that, “I was mad because housing didn’t let us know this was going to happen.”

Ellis was locked out of her dorm for 10 minutes before her roommate (who was already inside) came and let her in.

Director of Housing & Residence Life Lacey Southwick commented on the unannounced software update saying, “We were not informed ahead of time by the company that would be doing the software upgrades, therefore our offices were not available to give students a heads up.”

Southwick did acknowledge that the software update caused disruption for students by being locked out for a certain amount of time.

Southwick explained that many of the students who were locked out were calling campus security offices to get into the dormitories.

Students like Hailey Ellis mentioned that the software update slowed down their busy schedule, and the disruption actually made one Cambridge resident late for work.

The software update was “spotty,” said Southwick. It lasted for 30 minutes in each dorm and kept residents locked out without any warning, either via E&H email or another announcement. It is not currently known if further software updates will occur.

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