Emory & Henry Hosts Blue & Gold Open House

Jessica Branks, News Writer • jsbranks16@ehc.edu

Emory & Henry College Facebook

On Saturday, October 28, Emory & Henry hosted the Blue & Gold Open House. The event was geared towards potential students and their parents. It also featured several informative sessions about the college’s academics, spiritual life, and campus life.

Two of the sessions were on relatively new additions to
the college. One was the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Cohort, and the other was the Church Leadership Fellows. Both were interest programs which offer scholarships and experiential learning based on area of study.

While these groups were highlighted at the open house this year, there are several other interest programs that the college offers. These include the Civic Leader Scholars, Healthcare Pre-Professional Scholarship, the Middle Appalachian High School Media Association (MAHSMA), and the Disc Golf Club.

In addition to these sessions, E&H also organized an academic expo in the McGlothlin Center for the Arts (MCA). At the event, faculty members from each academic department spoke with potential students about majors and minors in each of the 27 areas of study offered.

The expo was open from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM. Within that time frame 61 potential students checked in at the session, and gathered materials about the opportunities available within various departments.

The college also hosted interviews for those who were ready for on-site admission. For those who were still unsure about applying to Emory & Henry, sessions about the financial aid and admissions process also took place.

The next event of this kind that is scheduled to take place is the Blue & Gold Fall Honors Day, which will happen on Saturday, November 18. The Fall Honors Day will feature many similar sessions as the Open House did. However, it will also feature additional student-run sessions about opportunities and programs that are specific to the E&H Honors Program, as well as interviews for prospective candidates.

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