Emory & Henry Choirs to Release First Rehearsed, Studio-Recorded CD

Claire Hogg, News Writer • cohogg16@ehc.educhoir.jpg

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Following the happy cries of midterms ending, the Music Department has spread the sound of music in a slightly different way. This semester, the Emory & Henry Chamber and Concert Choirs has released their first official CD of rehearsed music.

The CD, which is called “Making Love Known,” features both choirs at Emory & Henry and centers on the many diverse forms of love. The music is in Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Latin, and English, and the choirs perform songs relating to love for friendship, national love, romantic love, and a multitude of others. Rather than their usual routine of touring regionally and internationally, the two choirs decided to create this CD.

“I think coming off of our international tour, I wanted to do something that was a little closer to home and to use the McGlothlin Center. I thought it would be wonderful to not tour anywhere for once. I’ve been thinking about love and its various forms: parent to child, community, romantic love, spiritual love, and of course there’s plenty of wonderful music on all of those topics,” Choral and Vocal Studies Director Allyss Haecker said.

After around 10 years of CDs made solely from concert performance recordings, the Music Department decided to create this unique project. The project was made possible by the works of many individuals, including Haecker and sound engineer Michael Ozment.

Ashley Bostian, a senior Mass Communications major, is both a member of the choirs and the graphic designer for the CD. She said, “The CD was a collaboration of a few people. ‘Making Love Known’ was a theme Dr. Allyss Haecker had in mind for many years. She knew she wanted to create a CD for recruitment purposes, but also for alumni, families, and other conductors who are searching for recordings. Michael Ozment was the mastermind behind the engineering, editing and recording process. He mastered the entire CD, and it was published through his publication company ‘Polymnia.’”

In terms of student work, Emory & Henry choir members practiced the music for the CD for a whole semester and performed some of the music for the CD at the spring concert. At the end of the term, the students gathered for the recording, which was done at the McGlothlin Center for the Arts. “Ozment filled the auditorium with microphones, and prepped the space beforehand. Recording the entire CD was a tedious process that consisted of standing completely still, signing material over and over again, and making sure we had the correct sound for each piece,” Bostian said.

After a semester and summer of hard work from the students, whether through singing, studying the music, or helping develop designs for the CD and cover, the CD is finished. The students and faculty involved enjoyed this process and enjoyed seeing the outcome of their hard work.

“It’s really nice to have something tangible for all the work that we’ve put into it.”

There are a number of pieces on the CD that have not been recorded by anyone else, so we are the only–or one of maybe two–recordings of a song that exists in the world. That’s pretty special. When someone goes online and wants to hear this piece, we’re it, or maybe one other group. That’s pretty awesome,” Haecker said.

The music from “Making Love Known” can be found on the platform CD Baby, and Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, and Apple Music in a few weeks. Physical copies of the CDs can be purchased at the Merc.

For further questions about purchasing the “Making Love Known” CD, students can contact Allyss Haecker.


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