Wasps Split a Pair ODAC Games

Will Seidel, Sports Editor • waseidel16@ehc.edu

The Emory & Henry football team was in action this past Saturday as the Wasps would face the Bridgewater Eagles on Homecoming weekend. The Wasps would lose the contest after their rally fell short by a score of 31-23.

Not only was it Homecoming week, but it was also first year Hunter Taylor’s first career start at quarterback, replacing Kevin Saxton, who was out with an injury. Right out of the gate, E&H struck first, as Taylor was able to hook up with junior wideout Chris Gannon on a 29 yard strike to give the Wasps the 7-0 advantage.

Bridgewater would then answer on an 88 yard catch and run by Dakota Schrader. The Eagles would convert the two point conversion to take the lead, 8-7. The Wasps would then counter with a field goal to take the lead back at 10-8. The offense for the Wasps would then stagger, as they would fail to score the rest of the first half. Bridgewater would capitalize, scoring the last 17 points of the half to take a 25-10 halftime lead.

The Wasps would rally behind the running game of Isaiah Rodgers and cut the lead to 28-23 with 11:22 left to play in the fourth quarter, but would ultimately fall short, losing to the Eagles 31-23.

Despite the loss, first year quarterback Hunter Taylor played well in his first career start. Throwing for 166 yards and rushing for 113, those numbers will impress. When asked about Taylor brings to the table, junior guard Austin Falin responded, “The two things that he brings more than anything are simply energy and enthusiasm. Even though he’s young, he’s not afraid to get in the huddle and hype up the older guys. He puts out an energy that you can really feed off of.”

Falin, who started all ten game last year and seven games this year for the Wasps, also spoke about the challenges the offensive line faced by having a freshman quarterback behind them, “We understood going into the game that we had a freshman quarterback behind us, so our goal for the entire game was to make sure he had as much time as he could need to pass the ball and that we could properly open the running lanes so that he could make the reads he needed to. I would say we were ultimately successful in those categories.”

It has been a tough season for the Wasps, as they have now lost three straight conference games. Falin knows that his team can’t worry about the past, but to concentrate on the future. “As is any case in life, it’s important to know that you cannot change what’s in the past, you can only hope to change the future,” said Falin.

He would continue, “The only thing that will affect the outcome of these next three games is the way in which we prepare for and execute them, not worrying about the ones already gone.”

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