New Hazing Program Brings Change to Greek Life on Campus

Desmond Perry, News Writer •


Caroline Mosteller

This semester Vice President of Student Life and Student Success and Dean of Inclusion John Holloway has added another bill for Emory & Henry students who are involved in Greek Life.

Holloway has added a new hazing program to Greek Life that will charge students $15 to take an online course that educates fraternities and sororities about certain hazing protocols. Holloway said he saw the program as “an intermediate solution,” and hopes to implement full-day workshops at some point in the future.

Holloway explained the reasoning behind the new hazing course, mentioning that he charged a task force mixed with faculty members, Greek Life students, and students who are not involved in Greek life to come up with specific recommendations to improve individual fraternities and sororities.

Holloway explained that he looked at the recommendations and came up with a final list of what new policies would be added to improve Greek Life organizations.

Holloway would respond to certain critiques by mentioning successful alumni who were involved in Greek Life saying, “They are some of our biggest supporters, as far as money back to the college. These individual organizations go years back, do I want to end that? I would be a fool to.”

Jack Harris, a brother of Sigma Alpha Kappa, mentioned that the courses are a great idea to educate other fraternities and sororities about hazing. On the other hand Harris stated, “It also feels like it is a punishment for me and others due to money coming out of our pockets.”

Another student who finished pledging this semester, James Bruce, a brother of Beta Lambda Zeta, thought that the online courses were unnecessary to a certain extent. He agreed that hazing may have caused an issue in the past, but online courses would not solve the problem.

James said of his pledging process this semester, “I was treated well and at no point did I feel like I was being hazed. I think individual incidents have tainted the overall picture of a safe process which generations of alumni and hundreds of current Greek life members will vouch for.”

Holloway mentioned that his biggest fear is for a parent to hear that their kid got injured or died in a pledging incident stating “I don’t know if Emory & Henry is ready for a major, major lawsuit from a parent or a family member because their son or daughter has been seriously hurt or God forbid die, I want to avoid that.”

Holloway envisions Emory & Henry having on-campus housing for Greek Life, but in order for that to happen Holloway claimed that he needs both faculty, alumni, and students to be on board with the new hazing policy

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