Mungai’s Outdoor Retreat

Sam Mungai, Columnist •

Fall is finally here which means it’s time to have a laugh and good cheer. It’s also time to get your nice, woolly sweater and huddle next to a campfire with your closest family and friends under the shooting stars. For the more outdoor oriented people, like myself, it’s time to get your hiking boots and go catch some scenic views on top of the mountains.

Here in Appalachia, there are some extraordinary places to go and hike during this season. Some of these places attract tons of people from our local area, some from other states, and even people from all over the world. Here are some examples of top places to go and hike, right here in Appalachia.

One of my favorite places to go hiking in the fall is at the Grayson Highlands State Park. This location is one of the best in the area, attracting tons of people from all over!

In my freshmen year, I had the extraordinary opportunity to go for a sunset hike at this location with the Outdoor Program. The trip was guided with leaders Earl and Eli and one other faithful member of the group, Sarah. To be one hundred percent honest, the weather that day was absolutely, bloody cold, although I am Swiss and am supposed to be used to such weather–the weather that day was something else. I had never layered up that much in my life; it felt like I was the abominable snowman with the amount of layered clothing.

The hike to the sunset summit was long, but highly
enjoyable with conversations and laughter of all types. To be honest, because of all the enjoyment we were having, the hike felt shorter. After about one in the afternoon, we reached the summit where the sunset before us. The view at the summit point was just incredibly alluring with the warm orange and red colors forming a blanket over the sky. As the sun was on its last leg, the group and I seized the moment to take pictures and videos of the sight before us. After a few minutes, the sun finally set, and it was time to head back to the hustle and bustle of college.

This is one of the many great places to go hike this fall. So, put on those boots, take up that backpack, get hiking sticks, and go hike some mountains-because you will love it.

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