Movie Review: Happy Death Day

Andrew McClung, Sports Editor •

happy death day.jpg

Courtesy of the Happy Death Day official Facebook page

Comedy, horror, or both? That is for the viewer to decide in the new movie Happy Death Day. A horror replica of Groundhog Day (which is teased at the end of the movie), Happy Death Day tells the story of a girl bettering herself by dying over and over again until she can discover who keeps killing her.

Jessica Rothe plays Tree, a college student who wakes up in a college dorm room on the day of her birthday. Tree is very self-centered, insensitive, a sorority member, and someone who’s got a lot of things to do to become a better person. Each day ends up being a learning experience for the birthday girl, trying to find out her killers’ identity.

During this time not only does she narrow her list of suspects, but she starts to learn more about the people around her and how she can become a better person.

Each day Tree starts to become a better person, but her body begins to weaken from the ways she keeps dying. It’s at this time that Tree realizes that she needs to find out who her killer is soon and completely change her personality.

A movie that is full of twists and major plot changes, Happy Death Day provides a great sense of comedy in a horror style film, while being full of jump scares and typical scary movie scenes.

There are also plenty of moments with dry humor, and funny moments between characters. This movie will most likely appeal to the younger generation but it’s unlikely that people above the age of 30 would want to relive watching this movie over and over.

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