Growing Into a Leader

Cameron Derr, Sports Writer •

Emory & Henry has produced many stellar wide receivers over the years, one being Caelan Rhinehardt. A three year starter for the Wasps, in that time he has managed to recieve 23 passes for 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Rhinehardt began his football career as young as five years old “since then it has stuck with me, and every year I have put on shoulder pads and a helmet and played the game.” Around that same age was when Caelan found his biggest inspiration in his mother, who has since raised him on her own. “She is my biggest motivator, she’s been a single parent since I was around five and it’s really been an inspiration to watch her go through what she goes through, while raising me, while putting me through college and making it work for her family.” Rhinehardt has learned many lessons growing up in a single parent household he says “it has been both a challenge and a blessing at the same time because it has taught me to not to depend on other figures in my life, because the way life is having two parents, but sometimes it’s okay to not always have that because of one parent being strong, it’s helped me look at life different and grow as a person because of the struggle I’ve seen my mother go through I would want to change that for my own future.”

Caelan began his career on the defensive end of the ball at the Safety position. In his freshman year of highschool,at A.C. Reynolds in Asheville, North Carolina, Rhinehardt was moved out of his defensive position and placed on offense as a Wide Receiver, where he has stayed since.

Over the course of his time here the senior out of Asheville has learned many things from the collegiate level of football, “I have learned that this game is more mental than sometimes physical, also humility, football is the best thing to humble somebody because once you get out of high school athletics the level of football increases not just in you but in everyone, there’s going to be people that are either as good or better than you, also teamwork has been a big lesson to learn, because it’s more about figuring out yourself first and then looking at your teammates and being able to trust them.”

Caelan Rhinehardt has been running towards the end zone for the past 4 years and will be receiving his diploma this Spring. Rhinehardt says E&H has “left a positive mark on me, I can’t even put into words all that it has done for me, growth has been the main thing that has come out of being here.” After graduating Caelan hopes to go into the strength and conditioning field where he can work himself up.

The Wasps have not had the season they had hoped for, but the senior wide receiver says he would like to finish the season “winning, 5 and 5 is the best we can do, and I think if we win these next games it will build momentum for next year, the future is in the guys that are coming in and coming back it’s really for them to look at it and say we’re going to continue winning.” His advice for the future of this team is “Do everything the coaches tell you to do and don’t try to do anything on your own, you’re in a program that’s been embedded for many years, and you’re not going to be able to change something as a person, and to truly learn something you have to be all in.”

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