Crosswalk Signs Erected in the Village

Hailey Ellis, Arts & Life Editor •


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As more students have started living across the train tracks this year, many may have noticed the new installation of the solar panel led signs by the cross walk between the Merc and Hillman Hall.

The signs have buttons which students can press so the signs will light up and catch drivers attention. General Counsel and Executive Assistant to the President Mark Graham spoke about these new signs stating that through the continuing Village project the school contacted VDOT about adding solar flashing sign which facilities would later install.

Some students seemed to react rather positively while others have yet to notice. Rachel Hubble stated, “I think they’re pretty helpful, especially for people who live in the village and have to walk home late at night.”

Senior Achille Wanga also shared his positive thoughts on the new signs. He said, “I love that I can light it up before crossing, especially when I’m heading to practice early in the morning.”

Sophomore Ellen Hicks said, “I think it’s okay. I didn’t really notice the change at first. It took me a while to notice the new signs were actually put in, but I like that it increases safety.”

Junior Emaly Allison also remarked, “I did not even notice that there were any!”

Mark Graham spoke on the continuing project in the village, “This is the first phase of improvements planned for the Village. Since we have nearly 300 students now living across the tracks, we plan to install a second crosswalk just below the train depot and across from the new community center.

It will connect to a new sidewalk that will cross the railroad tracks to help keep students out of the street. Our architect has submitted plans for this new crosswalk and sidewalk to VDOT and Norfolk and Southern for approval, but we have not heard back yet.

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