Community Center Will Bring Amenities to the Village

Hannah Long, News Editor •


Ellen Hicks

The Village, campus’ newest housing complex, will gain a community center this November. The center will provide social gathering spaces, aerobic classes, exercise workouts and laundry service.

The center was supposed to be finished by Tuesday, October 17, but building delays mean the final building day was Friday, October 20. The last touches still need to be completed, but the building is on schedule to be opened the first week of November.

Director of Campus Recreation Peter Stevenson met with Fitness USA to discuss plans of adding more machines to the facility. Stevenson is hesitant of add vending machines and plans to “add them in January if all goes well, and we will stock them with healthy Gatorade options.”

The second floor, the main entry way into the building, has two main rooms: the game room with a pool table and ping pong table (soon to be added) and the gathering room with a kitchen and leisure lounge. The downstairs will be accessible 24 hours, but only for Village residents. This floor has an eight-piece gym set.

The center has new washers specifically for Village residents who currently have nowhere to wash their clothes. The machinery has new smart technology which texts you when clothes are done washing. The third floor will be devoted to classes on particular athletic disciplines such as aerobics and yoga. There is also office space and an apartment.

Stevenson has overseen the project’s final stages since his start at this school year’s beginning. He was many ambitious plans for improvements on campus including creating a new outdoor basketball court on the hill overlooking the new community center. He has worked in campus recreation for over 25 years and his biggest project has been building the $17 million fitness center for Miami mega school Florida International University. His dream campus project would be converting Carriger Hall into a fitness center with a bowling alley on the first floor. After
the center is fully running he will start his next project of rubberizing the track in the Martin Brock Student Center gym and setting up new exercise machines to replace the current broken ones.

On homecoming Saturday, the new center was opened for the first time, allowing alumni to tour it. One couple in attendance, Linda Snider Wechsler, class of 66’, and Don Wechsler, class of 65’, were surprised by the extent of recreation options on campus.

Don Wechsler recalled, “Our extracurriculars were just basketball and football and going to the Martin Brock Gym. Most of my recreation was going back and forth from class and my weekly visits to the diner for a burger and chocolate milk.” Linda Wechsler said she preferred to spend her “time in the library.

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