Cinema of the Week: The Spongebob Squarepants Musical

Kristen Hines, Columnist •

Out of all the things to make a musical out of, would you expect a Broadway Musical about a sentient sea sponge from a kids show that people either love or hate with a burning passion? Yeah, me neither; but it’s true, and this new musical is taking the theater world by surprise with a colorful and surprisingly catchy songs written by multiple famous artists, giving the show its own unique style.

The story is quite simple; a normal day in Bikini Bottom becomes doomsday, as a giant volcano is going to erupt and burn the beloved town to the ground. So it’s up to Spongebob and his friends to save the day while also preparing to the fact that their world may truly end if they fail. The simple story allows the dilemmas each of the characters face to really shine through, making the viewers realize just how deep they can be.

The show is unbelievably faithful to the show, in terms of jokes, fourth-wall breaks, dialogue, and even the cartoon sound effects when someone gets hit or even just walks. The costumes are also very clever. They’re not just people wearing giant bodysuits of the characters, they actually look like real people, with their outfits and hairstyles mimicking the style of the characters. While the actor’s imitations of the characters voices can take some getting used to, their voices are all distinct and easy to tell apart.

Bottom line, the show is colorful and a ton of fun. If you have a kid who loves Spongebob, then this may be the perfect way to introduce them to musicals. And even if you’re an adult, the nostalgia from the amount of effort and love put in to imitate the show is enough to make you feel like a kid again. Whether you love or hate Spongebob, this musical deserves a chance.

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