U.S. Men’s Soccer Misses World Cup

Nathaniel Tager, Sports Writer • nmtager16@ehc.edu

The United States Men’s National Soccer team has not only let themselves down, but they have let their families, their friends, and the entire nation down.

Starting with Jürgen Klinsmann, the national team looked promising in the 2014 World Cup and gave citizens something to smile about after beating out Portugal in the group stage to advance to the knockout stage. In the 2015 Gold Cup, the United States were knocked out by Jamaica 2-1 in the semifinals which was the worst finish since 2000 for the US. After two horrifying losses in the 2018 World cup qualifying matches, Klinsmann was sacked and the team was looking for someone to come in and lead this team to another world cup, but Bruce Arena wasn’t the man for the job.

Since bringing back Arena to finish out the world cup qualifying matches, he has not only didn’t help qualify, but only won three out of eight qualifying games. While not all of the blame can go on Bruce Arena, the national team as a whole was unprepared to play in the 2018 World Cup.

The players on the national team have no excuse for why they are not playing in the 2018 World Cup. First of all, they have capable leaders such as Clint Dempsey, who recently tied Landon Donovan for most goals ever.

Secondly, they are capable of playing well, but they are very inconsistent. They were able to manage a 4-0 win over Panama and a crushing 6-0 win over Guatemala. When it mattered most, the team couldn’t manage a point over Trinidad and Tobago.

Third, they have talent. Christian Pulisic is arguably one of the best young players in the world right now producing on an international level and a club level. While playing for Borussia Dortman, he has seven goals and several assists. Deandre Yedlin is one of the most successful wingbacks in the team’s history and is playing in the most competitive league in the world.


Even with all this, they still can’t beat Trinidad and Tobago’s second team. Fourth off, the United States is the wealthiest country in the world and with the amount of money invested in youth development; the players that are being produced are pathetic. The United States soccer has so much arrogance for not making the last two Olympics and failing to qualify for the world cup. There is no accountability on the national team. One example, in Colombia, in the late 90’s, a player on a Colombian club team was murdered because he cost his team the title. These players feel no pressure after letting their whole nation down.

As a player, these players aren’t taking accountability for the fact that they have let

millions of children down all over the country. There are children who look up to these players and wish they could play in the world cup, but who are role models in soccer? Not American players because they are unable to manage to beat countries that are far less wealthy and have far less money invested in their developmental programs.

The reason the national team was unable to qualify for the 2018 World Cup is because the team has no pride. These players haven’t shown enough that they care about representing their country and it is disappointing to fans and players all over the nation that these players will be watching the World Cup next summer in the same place as the rest of us, from the stands.

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