Student Government Corner with Former Senator Johnson

Joseph Johnson, Columnist •


Courtesy of Joseph Johnson’s Facebook Page

A couple weeks ago the budget committee led by Treasurer Cameron Chase and Chairman Wesley Byrd (Sr) put forward a budget for Fall 2017.

This budget was a disaster rife with the errors and disappointments that are far too common under this government. The motion to pass the budget back to the committee was unanimous. The response however was more disastrous than the ill fated budget.

Sen. Andrew McClung (Jr) decided to jeopardize the funding for every group on campus by moving to send the budget back to committee, and he stayed in the house until the budget was sound enough to pass, revising it in a committee of the whole (a committee session that comprises the whole senate).

This action by the senator, which led to the budget being sent back to committee, resulted in a headache for many groups on campus for the next week as they awaited budget approval.

The level of incompetence shown in this incident is emblematic of a larger issue in this government, as both the cabinet and the senate are simply not capable of dealing with the important issues facing this campus.


To do this, the cabinet is going to need to look seriously at its composition and the leadership of the senate and weed out the problems within. Until they do this, SGA will continue to fail the people which it supposedly represents. However I firmly believe there is still time for this government to improve and I look for- ward to when they do.

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