Short Story: Let’s Make a Movie – Part 6

Matthew Brosche, Columnist •

“You’ll need to get the word out about the movie if you wanna make any money on this movie.” Mark said watching Fredrick attempt to edit his footage.

“That’s not a bad idea.” Fredrick replied.

“You should pay for some ads online then, maybe make a website as well.” Mark said with growing interest in Fredrick’s project.

“I got a better idea.” Fredrick said. “You know what really gets people to go see a movie? If the movie is based on a book!”

“You can’t be serious”

Fredrick ignored Mark “So, I’ll write a book version of my screenplay, then sell it to a publisher. Now that will get people in the theaters.”

“And what if no publisher wants your book?” Mark asked, indulging Fredrick.

“Hadn’t thought of that.” Fredrick paced around the room not being able to fully comprehend the idea of rejection. “ I suppose I could always publish the book myself.”

“You mean that online self publishing thing?”

“I was thinking more of buying a publisher and hav- ing them publish the book for me.”

“Yeah, I guess that works.” Mark said shrugging having remembered that arguing with Fredrick was a pointless endeavor.

Fredrick opened the script on his computer. It only to a few minutes to copy and paste the script from a script format to a book for- mat with barley any other changes made. Without a second glance, Fredrick Sent his book to every publisher he could find with, “The work speaks for itself. Call me.”, being the only explanation to the reader.

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