Riverdale: Season Two

Regan Booth, Columnist • rebooth15@ehc.edu


Courtesy of the official Riverdale Facebook Page

This will give away spoilers of the first episode of the second season of Riverdale.

The fun teen dream mystery series has returned, and the first episode to me was just a filler episode. While it answered some cliff hangers from the previous season, the melodramatic aspects of it were not as satisfying as they usually are. I’m going to cut them some slack for the moment since it was the first episode, and the number of episodes that they produced last season ended up being in the teens, so they have some time to create more drama. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the show, but considering how long I waited to see my favorite beautiful messed up characters I needed a little more from this first episode. It did not give me enough of Cheryl, and since she is the gothic queen bee, I honestly would not mind the entire show just following her around, majorly focusing on her cute outfits and brooches. Since this is not how shows actually work, I would be happy with just a little bit more of her, despite the fact that the scene where she told her mom she was calling the shots now was honestly epic. Her taking the oxygen cord and enclosing it in her hand while telling her mother that whatever she does, will be because she allows it, is the crazy Cheryl that we have all been itching for. While I do enjoy this show, I do think that they could have made the opening episode a little better, despite the questions that it did answer from before.

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