Pet of the Week

Mariah Aultmon, Guest Contributor •


Mariah Aultmon

This is Legolas! We call him “Lego” for short! He’s named after the character from Lord of the Rings. He is a 13 year old Korean Jindo. Lego was brought home from a shelter in Prince George’s County, Maryland on March 9, 2005. He loves to sunbathe and cuddle. Lego’s tongue sticks out sometimes involuntarily and it’s extremely cute. He lives for the winter weather, chewy treats, and stuffed animals. His tail looks like a white, fluffy, cinnamon roll or one of Princess Leia’s buns!

Lego can always tell when you’re sick or having an awful day. He gives you extra kisses and attention on those really bad days. Sometimes, Lego wears reindeer antlers on Christmas Eve. He’s one of the sweetest and most quiet dogs you could ever meet. You’ll hardly ever hear him bark and that’s awesome for the neighbors! If he wants belly rubs, he’ll nudge your hand onto him or he’ll put his little paw on your leg. Legolas is truly a wonderful dog, a great companion, and an irreplaceable member of the family.

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