Wasps Win at Wake

Luke Montalbano, Sports Writer • lmmontalbano16@ehc.edu

After a bunch of third place finishes this year, the Emory & Henry Equestrian team won their first event of the 2017-18 season, as they took first place at the Wake Forest IHSA show.

It was an impressive show for the Wasps, as many individuals shined in their events. Junior Francisco Caba-Guil took first place in the Open Equestrian Over Fences event, and took second at Open on the Flat, while sophomore Bobbie Jo Adsit won the Open on the Flat. Senior Jane Mikusa finished third in her Novice over the Fences ride. Sophomore Maddie Bonner finished in second place in Novice on the Flat. Sophomore Catherine Hill won the Advanced Walk/ Trot/Canter event. Freshman Zachary Will finished in second place in the Beginner Walk/Trot/Canter event. To finish the day, sophomore Virginia Jahoda took first place in the Walk/Trot Equitation event. After the meet, Bobbie Jo Adsit was named the High Point rider of the day, and Francisco Caba-Guil was named to the Reserve High Point rider of the day.

It was big for the equestrian team to take their first victory of the season, and Caba-Guil realizes this, as he said: “It was awesome to win at Wake Forest, we won with an almost perfect score, since all of the team members won except from one, who was second. Even so we are very happy, we have been work- ing really hard.” Caba-Guil hopes this win will be motivation for his team, as he said: “I hope this victory will serve as a motivation to continue working to face the next IHSA show which is this coming week at Virginia Tech.”

Caba-Guil also believes that the Wake Forest meet shows that the team can compete for a national title. When asked about how he feels about the team competing for a national title, he said: “Absolutely, as we have demonstrated this past week, we have a fairly strong team and almost all of us have the experience to fight for a title, and the year is looking good for us!”

Even though it was big for the Wasps to win this meet, the teams’ focus now is their next meet as they travel to Virginia Tech on the 14th of October, according to Caba-Guil, as he said: “The focus now heading at Virginia Tech is the same focus as every other show: to win! Through the week we will have 2 or 3 practice sessions so we feel prepared for the show and ‘ready for the fight.’”

The Wasps will be back in action October 14 at Virginia Tech competing in IHSA. There will be a handful of teams competing in the competition.

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