Volleyball Continues Slump

Tyler Spires, Sports Writer • tmspires16@ehc.edu

Emory & Henry Volleyball has had quite a busy few weeks. Since we last wrote about the Wasps, they have played 6 games and went 1-6.

In the first game against Eastern Mennonite, the Wasps fought very hard, but they fell short losing 3 sets to 1. In the first set the teams battled back and forth and had 4 lead changes throughout the set. Emory had a late lead of 24-22 and only needed to score one more point, but EMU went on a four point tear and won the set 26-24. The Royals continued the momentum from the first set with a early 7-3 lead and ended up winning the game 25- 15 and scored the last 8 out of 10 points. EMU continued playing very well in the third set, but Emory waited patiently and came back from 24- 22 to win 26- 24. The last set was the hardest fought match, with 9 lead changes, but Eastern Mennonite ended up pulling out the win with a score of 31-29

In the second game against Milligan, the Wasps were defeated, but not after giving the Buffaloes a run for their money. The Buffaloes got out to an early 12-6 lead, and even though Emory got the score back to 15- 14, Milligan won the set 25-21. The second set was a very tight game with 9 lead changes and went well into overtime with a win by the Wasps 33- 31. Milligan jumped out to a 9-2 lead in the third game, but the Wasps fought back to tie the game at 13. Although the lead continued to go back and forth, Milligan was able to hold on and won the game 25-22. In the last game, both teams fought furiously to start the game and the Wasps weren’t gonna go silently into the night. The score was tied at 12, before the Buffaloes went on a 9 point tear and ended up winning the set 25-22 and the game 3-1.


The third game against Bridgewater was also somewhat of a disappointment for the Wasps as well because they lost 3-1 again. In the first set, Bridgewater jumped out to a 7-1 lead early and ended up winning 25-10. In the second set, the game was much closer with 22 ties during the game. E&H ended up winning to tie the set score at 1- 1 with a 27-25 win. In the third set, The Eagles came back and jumped on the Wasps with a 13-5 lead and ended up winning the set 25-16. In the final set, the lead went back and forth until the score was tied 24-24. The Eagles finally squeezed out the final game 28-26 and won the game.

The Wasps couldn’t turn around their losing streak against Lynchburg, falling short 3 sets to 1. In the first set the Hornets got out to an early lead, but the Wasps make the game very interesting by cutting down the lead to 11-9. The Wasps continued to fight, but ended up falling short 25-20. In the second game, the roles were reversed and the Wasps got out to a 12-9 lead. Lynchburg fought back, and went on to win 25-21. In the third set, Lynchburg was able to keep a slight lead over E&H and won the set 25-20. In the last set, the Wasps battled back from score of 21- 13 to make it 22 all, but the Hornets scored three straight and won the set and game.

Over the weekend, the volleyball team split by losing to Randolph College and beating Regent University. This was the first win for the Wasps all week and had to have felt very good for the girls. E&H will try to continue to win against Maryville College on Thursday in Maryville, Tennessee.

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