The Coming and Going of Fall

Regan Booth, Columnist •

Fall is my personal favorite season. Looking out a window right now, one would see falling leaves and pumpkins… but the feeling outside is a different story. To me, this season can not be properly celebrated until there is at least somewhat of a chilly breeze. Regardless of the heat; however, it is that time of the year again! As soon as Halloween hits, it is a long road of monthly holidays and lots of food and awkward family visits.

Several movies that are not related to Halloween that I recommend are Mermaids (1990), Dead Poets Society (1989), Election (1990), Poison Ivy (1992), and my personal favorite, the entire Harry Potter series. Since it is still hot out and Halloween is a couple of weeks away, these movies to me give a nice autumn vibe that will maybe make the falling colorful leaves look less strange and help to forget about the heat. Since Fall is coming up seemingly soon but also seemingly far because of the heat, movies like this will help until it hopefully gets cold.

After Halloween passes and it’s time to be a glutton at Thanksgiving, maybe by then it will actually feel like autumn, but hopefully it will come quicker. Either way this time of the year brings change and color, and no matter what the temperature or date, it is time to carve pumpkins and drink apple cider. Maybe just for now the cider can be cold, but we will have to stay tuned.

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