Pet of the Week

Abby Hathorn, Copy Editor •


Abby Hathorn

Ziva is a Giant Schnauzer with a giant attitude. And yes, before you ask, she is named after the super fabulous and powerful character “Ziva” on the hit television series NCIS. Sometimes, that fame gets to her head, but we just let it happen.

She loves to bark at the mailman, and every time someone rings the doorbell, she barks as if the house is being invaded by intergalactic enemies from Pluto. And yes, before you ask, she has seen every episode of X-Files. She wants to believe.

Every night when Ziva is told that it’s time for bed, she picks a toy from her yellow toy bucket and only the most perfect one will do, of course. This is not a trick I taught her–she simply learned it on her own. She then demands someone to carry her blanket to the bedroom as she leads with her stuffed animal in mouth. Once she plops down, she expects to be tucked in as the photo shows.

In her spare time, Ziva enjoys going to bed early and wake up late. She loves bacon–I mean, who doesn’t? Unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan, and to which I sincerely apologize. Ziva also loves to binge watch series on Netflix with her dog mom (that is me).

Her favorite movies include Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Secret Life of Pets, and any and all movies including dogs– except Old Yeller…that movie upsets her.

Whenever she watches TV, and yes, she does watch TV, she loves to bark relentlessly at PetSmart commercials and Subaru car commercials where the dogs drive mom vans.


Ziva is the love of my life and my fur-ever furbaby. With her new found newspaper fame, I hope it doesn’t go to her head.

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