Mungai’s Outdoor Retreat


Sam Mungai

On Sunday 28 May 2017, a group of 18 elderly hikers and one young hiker (myself) accompanied by two guides KUNG Astrid and FLÖRCH- INGER Irmgard from the Geneve Rando hiking group took up the weekend hiking challenge to hike up the Cols des Planches, du Tronc et du Lein (Valais, Switzerland).

The day started off with an early morning meet- up with the other hikers and guides in front of the ticket office at the Geneva train station, at my first impressions of the group was not so positive. I felt that some of the members looked down on me because I am a young, more energetic, fast- pace hiker with no experience what so ever; however, once I got to speak to some of the them, my impressions completely changed. Some of the members were faster pace and more experienced hikers under their belts. To be honest, the majority of them did think I was experienced. Once we had everyone in the group, we proceeded to take the train from Geneva to Sembrancher a municipality in the district of Entremont in the canton of Valais.Once we arrived there we had a nice cup of coffee at a nearby coffee shop and then proceed to start the hike.


The start of the hike was nice and steep with a slight altitude change, which in effect didn’t affect me hence am used to dealing with high altitude change. Before our first break, I felt as if I was gaining a blister at the back of my foot, so I said to myself that I will check it out during the first break, and if I had a blister I will treat it. To my surprise I had a pretty sizable blister at the back of my foot and I didn’t have any medical material but another pair of socks to put on. So, like a brave man I was I put on the extra pair of socks and dealt with the pain like a real man.

After the break, we continued hiking through the vast beauty of the swiss alps and landscapes, we passed various owing streams and rivers on the side of the mountain as well as different types of native wildlife. The skies were blue and the group atmosphere was exhilarating, with everyone giving each other good cheers and encouragement.

Although I was in excruciating pain I felt from the blister at the back of my foot, I was still able to get to the top of the mountain where me and other hikers shared lunch and shared stories of our lives. When it came time to leave the scenic place, my heart was in dismay because that place was truly a heavenly place to be to get some peace and quiet from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Although I made the best of memories on that mountain with the other hikers and guides, there was one thing I was looking forward to when I got back home in Geneva and that was to see a blood doctor because my flipping blister was giving my unbelievable pain like I have never felt before!

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