Men’s Soccer on a Losing Skid

James Bruce, Sports Writer •

After a five-game losing streak, Emory & Henry’s Men’s Soccer Team craved a crucial win. A win was needed not just for the table positioning, but also for the morale of the players who needed something to be positive about. Two games would eventually end in extra time which goes to show the will that the team showed in the face of adversity. However, the Wasps dipped in form and fell back into the losing gutters.

In the first match versus Johnson University, E & H opened the scoring after a goalless first half when Junior forward Tyequis Stallins scored from an assist by Junior defender Joel Tidman. A stalemate ensued, and after a full ninety minutes of play the game went to extra time. The first half of extra time remained tense and scoreless. However, in the second half, Stallins broke through yet again for the match-winner. Stallins commented that “It was nice to get a win finally for the boys, and scoring two to seal the deal doesn’t get sweeter than that!”

This win gave the Wasps a vital boost of confidence going into their second game of the week against Shenandoah Hornets. Following a scoreless first half, the Hornets stung first. Nino Todaro struck a shot at the 68th min- ute mark which sailed into the back of the net and the Wasps were down. The conceding of this goal did nothing but fuel the Wasps efforts though. With just eight minutes and forty seconds to go, E & H found the equaliser. Sophomore defender Massimo Tag- er had laid up a ball for Senior mid-fielder Edgar Rivas to catch on to. The connection was struck, and so the ball flew into the net to bring the Wasps back level. At the end of 120 minutes a draw was called, and thus quite like the opposite of nature the Wasps had held their own against the bigger school of Hornets.

The Wasps’ next match was away against Eastern Mennonite at 7:00pm where they hoped to keep up the momentum. Sophomore mid-fielder Campbell Hancock called for the team to “keep up the good work, if we push on playing like we have been the past two games, then we can only get better!”. However, the hard-working ethos wasn’t quite enough to carry on their turn of fortunes. The first half remained goalless as E &H fought hard to compete with the talented Eastern Mennonite team. The EM Lions eventually struck though at the 67th minute mark and following this the Wasps capitulated as they conceded an- other five goals in fifteen minutes. The game ended six to nil.


This misfortune carried on as they lost the next two games. The first was away against Washington Adventist, where they conceded three goals in the first half but managed to keep the second half scoreless. The second was at home in the Fred-Selfe Stadium against Randolph- Macon where they conceded three goals yet again to lose in front of a home crowd. Despite this recent streak of losses E & H hope to improve still and regain the brief spurt of form they found in the first two games.

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