Student Government Report: New SGA Members Take Their Place for the 2017-18 Academic Year

Joseph Johnson, Columnist •

Wednesday, September 20 was the first meeting of the student senate. The senators were sworn in saying they would put aside their personal interests to better serve their constituents.

The senators who were in attendance were George Jones, Neha Rai, and Mary Eliza Hendricks, represented the first-year students. Senators Orlando Martinez, Katie Graves, and Roosevelt Joway, represented the second-year students. Senators Wesley Byrd, Tak Jones, and Andrew McClung, represented the third-year students. Senators

Isabella Katherine McCall Thomas F. Scott III, represented the Commuters. Finally, Senators Brian Keith Norris, and Gabby Gregory were in attendance for the fourth-year students. Senator Matthew Wingfield was not in attendance.

The cabinet bill passed unanimously, allowing the following individuals to take their place as cabinet members: Landie Maness (Elections), Cameron Chase (Treasury) Taylor Richardson (Campus Activities), J.W. Wharton (Judiciary), Grayson Williams (Public Relations), Noé Amelia (Multi-Cultural Affairs), and Nathan Krauss (Chief of Staff).

The Government also appointed “councillors to the executive” which are non-voting advisors to the cabinet. Although, since the summer session has ended, all cabinet members are now non- voting.

The committees also formed during that session are as follows: The Housing and Grounds Committee led by Senator Katie Graves, the Student Life Committee led by Senator Mary Eliza Hendricks, the House Rules Committee led by Senator Thomas F. Scott III, and the Budget Committee led by Wesley Byrd.

The first objective this government has laid out is the overhaul of our SGA impeachment policy. The bill has been sent to the House Rules Committee for review.

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