Spilled T of the Makeup Queens

Katie Gregory, Columnist • kagregory16@ehc.edu


Courtesy of Laura Lee Facebook Page

Some of you may know of Laura Lee. She’s a sweet southern Alabama belle that has been thrown into the world of makeup. Starting off as a vlogger, she quickly made fame as a makeup artist. She has collaborated with many different beauty companies in the past. Over the summer, she released her very own merchandise on her own website: lauraleelo- sangeles.com. She incorporates her love for her cats in her merchandise and thrives off the support of her followers. Earlier this week she announced that she will be releasing her very own eyeshadow palette.


The packaging is absolutely beautiful! The outside packaging is a very pretty silver glitter sturdy plastic cover. The inside packaging is a very elegant pink flower design. The inside also includes a convenient mirror.

This palette is absolutely perfect for Autumn! The pigments included in this palette are mostly shimmer with a few matte shades. It will make for a perfect everyday fall palette. Laura is known for loving her transition shades, and it shows through in her first palette.


The palette’s official release date is October 13. One of her best friends, Jeffree Star who has his own successful makeup brand and fellow Youtube MUA, has done a video reviewing her palette. It is most definitely Jeffree Star approved!

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