Short Story: Let’s Make a Movie – Part 4

Matthew Brosche, Columnist •

Mark stood in front of the town auditorium waiting for Fredrick to arrive. After their last excursion, Mark decided to drive himself vowing to never ride in a car driven by Fredrick ever again. True to form, Fredrick showed up twenty minutes late and parked with his front two wheels on the sidewalk.

“What are you wearing?” Mark asked looking at Fredrick who was clad in a frock coat with an ornate gold pattern, a large fedora and carrying a cane with a fake diamond handle.

“These people are actors Mark, if we want them to work for us, we’ll have to get on their good side. As soon as they see my eccentric style, they will instantly be interested in anything I have to say.” Fredrick said proudly walking towards the doors.

The local theater troop was sitting around the stage running the lines for their new production of “South Pacific” when Fredrick threw the doors to the theater open in an over the top manner.

“Can we help you?” the oldest of the actors asked.

Fredrick descended the aisle as his booming voice echoed through empty theater. “Indeed you can sir. I would like to purchase the services of your finest actors.”

The entire troop began looking at each other trying to figure out if this guy was serious, or if this was some weird idea of an audition. “Um, what do you mean?” asked the older actor.

“I am in the process of making the most fantastic movie, one that will change the face of cinema. I need only the best players to achieve this goal, and that’s where you come in.” Fredrick gestured to Mark who began passing out the copies of the script to each actor.

“Thanks for the compliment, but we are currently in the middle of rehearsal for another show, so we really can’t help you at this time.”

“Just look through the script, and you’ll see why this should take priority.” Said Fredrick taking a seat in the front row.

After a few minutes, a younger actor with spiked red hair yelled to Fredrick. “Yeah dude this really sucks.”

“This script is way below all of us.” Said the child actor in the group.

Fredrick pulled his hat over his face. “Well, there’s no need to be rude. Ok, how much would it cost for you all to work with me.”

The red-haired actor chuckled. “Twenty thousand at least.”

“Done.” Said, Fredrick.

“Each?” Asked another actor.


“You know guys this script is actually pretty good on the second read through.” Said the older actor.

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